Marcel Jeske

Real Estate Law
Real Estate Transactions
Legal Due Diligence
Tenancy Law
Condominium Law
Public Law (esp. Public Building Law)

The focus of the legal work of Mr. Jeske is real estate law, in particular the legal assistance in real estate transactions. In this context, Mr. Jeske assists national and international clients in acquisitions and sales. Among other things, this includes the execution of a legal due diligence to analyze the potential for legal risk of the property and its economic implications. Drafting and negotiating purchase contracts as well as attending to notarizations and the execution of contracts are also part of the comprehensive assistance provided by Mr. Jeske.

In his more than eight years of professional experience, Mr. Jeske has also acquired special expertise in the fields of Tenancy Law (residential and commercial), Condominium Law (WEG) and Public Law (in particular Public Building Law). Mr. Jeske has successfully completed the specialist course in Tenancy and Condominium Law.

Prior to joining Gelbart Legal, Mr. Jeske initially worked as a legal advisor for national and international clients in a medium-sized law firm focusing on real estate law. He then joined the real estate law practice group of a major international law firm.